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Unfortunately I cannot maintain the hosting expenses anymore, therefore this project is shutdown.
I hope I'll be able to run it again in near future,

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About App

Diversity tool by the community for the community.

Hi everyone, it's Arni.
I've been playing this game for over 4 years now; and I've been an officer for 3. As an officer, one of my main duties is directing my group's paths, placement, and strategy for AW.

Diversity is now a large part of winning Alliance Wars, but it's never an easy thing to manage. As of now, there are a few tools out there to help manage this annoying task, but they are not easy to use or as intuitive as I would like. This makes tracking and managing diversity all the more frustrating.

With all of the above considered... I created my new "AW Diversity Tool". I took all variables into consideration in order to create a FAST, MOBILE FRIENDLY, SECURED and FUN to use tool to tackle the needs for AW diversity management.
I hope you all enjoy the tool! See you on my next video!


There is a lot of thought behind the application development


Mobile Supported

Full mobile support
(iOS and Android)



Use Google Sign in to connect and manage your alliance


Officers Collaboration

Create Secured Invites for your officers to help you manage diversity


Easy To Use

Diversity never was so fun and easy to set



No more loading screens or slow responses


Feature Planned

Stay tuned for more features


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